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Pedro David Espinoza,

My Story - Pedro David Espinoza

My Story

Pedro David Espinoza was born and raised in Peru. Given his immigrant and multicultural background, he is able to mentor the next generation of leaders with an inclusive mindset.

He has written a book called Differences That Make A Difference by collecting the insights of 150 leaders from diverse backgrounds.

He aims to coach and encourage the Latino youth to pursue careers in STEM. His coaches the younger generations on how to be relational over transactional. He coaches on building bridges in order to build your personal board of mentors, directors, and advisors.

My Mentoring Philosophy

Pedro David Espinoza is an international mentor for Generation Zs, Millennials, and future leaders looking t make a positive impact in their community. He has mentored young leaders affiliated with Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley.

Pedro has a passion for mentoring and training the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs. He has been mentoring the next generation of leaders in entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, and negotiation since 2016. As an immigrant, entrepreneur, and CEO, he has the experience to train the future change makers of our digital economy.

Pedro’s mentoring philosophy is based on his initials: Passion, Drive, and Energy. PDE. He emphasizes on the importance of bringing your passion to work and in all circumstances. Pedro focuses on empowering and encouraging his mentees so they can grow in emotional intelligence.

Mentoring Philosophy

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